Increase direct bookings!

By direct bookings we mean WuBooK reservations that, through the booking engine, enter from the property's website. These bookings have a lower degree of intermediation and are therefore more convenient than those that enter with the Channel Manager through OTAs.

You can improve the effectiveness of your website by taking into account the following factors:

Factors unrelated to WuBook

  • Effective quality of the hospitality service of your property. 
  • Visibility, quality, transparency of the website where the WuBook widget is installed.
  • Quality of the installation of the booking widget in the site and use of different promotion tools.
  • Presence on OTA booking portals that provides visibility to the website
  • Web Reputation: reviews and feedback given by guests both in the various specialized portals and in direct reviews
  • Target audience of the property (more or less inclined to book on the internet)
  • Degree of computerization of competing properties in your territory

Factors related to WuBook configuration

Room distribution
It is advisable to create different room categories in order to offer different occupancy options: single, double, triple and family. A configuration with too many rooms and virtual rooms, however, can confuse the user, reducing the probability of conversion. That' s why the OTAs impose limits on the number of room categories that can be inserted.

Accuracy and precision
Enter clear and concise multilingual names and descriptions of room and virtual room categories and extras. Insert appropriate images.

Use of special offers, packages and discount codes
These are tools with proven effectiveness. If the goal is to disintermediate sales, making an offer on an OTA portal (for example not refundable) without entering it on WuBooK, can be an error. It is important to promote special offers also on your website.  A javascript function allows you to obtain dynamic special offers on your site. You can also install on the site the widget that dynamically displays the packages. Here is Rivendell the demo site that shows you the different solutions.

@ Web: Demo site WuBook - Rivendell

☞ Docs:Promo codes

☞ Docs:Packages

☞ Docs: Special Offers

Bids enabling
Giving potential guests the possibility to propose their own price makes it actually more convenient to book directly from the website without any breach of the parity rates agreements.

☞ Docs:Bids: submit your price

Prices in line with the local market
The OTAs themselves are a useful tool for checking if your  prices are competitive within the local market. WuBook can provide a WuBooK Rate Checker tool designed specifically for this purpose.

☞ Docs: Rate Checker