Overbooking - WooDoo

Overbooking means receiving reservations when no rooms are available. The WuBook system / channel manager WooDoo, has among its tasks to minimize this risk.

The system keeps the availability automatically updated on your direct booking and on the connected OTAs.

If you have received an overbooking, there is a series of checks to be done even by yourself to trace the cause.

Overbooking by OTA:

  • Is the WooDoo channel active?   
  • Do you have one or more rooms in allotment on OTA?   
  • Maybe a previous reservation has been cancelled?

Overbooking by direct booking:

  • Is the availability well configured on Tabla?
  • Do you use a management system that updates availability via xml?

Synchronicity cases:

The channel manager has an update time of a few minutes. In the very unfortunate case that, in those few minutes, two reservations for the same room and for the same period enter, an overbooking could be generated. These are very rare cases but there is no technology to avoid them.

Availability check

In case of overbooking not due to an allotment, it is possible to make an investigation on your own. With the Wubook Monitor tool, it is possible to check all the actions made on the days of the booked period, in particular it is possible to check the last modification on the availability made before the entry of the booking. So you can immediately understand if the overbooking is due to a previous error on the availability configuration.

☞ Docs: WuBook Auth Factory - Your WuBook Account

Attention! If you have received an overbooking, it's a good precaution to close the dates concerned with the closing restriction (black rectangle of Tabla) until the overbooking reservation has been cancelled and the availability correctly rearranged on Tabla.

Of course, if after these checks the situation has not been clarified, or if you need help, please contact our assistance.