Reservations - WooDoo

From the received reservations list, it's possible to proceed with a more detailed and exact analysis than the individual reservation.

You only need to click on the reservation code to enter into a wider page that specifies all the available data (when they are specified) or rather:

  • arrival hour
  • guests: (Adults/Children)
  • import, or rather the reservation total
  • rooms, or rather number and typology of rooms, involved in the reservation
  • Customer details, or rather all data and addresses relevant to the customer who made the reservation. It's possible to update/modify these data clicking on the link modify customer data. During the reservation steps, in fact, the only data required are name, surname and mail address, but later it's possible to complete the customer data sheet and update it with all the available data.

Deeper on this page, after changing the customer data, there are 2 links to be able to visualize the original document sent to the customer, including the automatic messages we have included and appearing when the reservation is complete.

Reservation Changes

The last section, relevant to the reservation details, provides some changes of the reservation: you will be able to delete it, accept it, change its import or simply add a note. You can also decide if send the voucher to your customer or not, clicking on the relevant box. On the detail page, the date and hour, relative to the change, will be always displayed.