Reservation details - WooDoo

By clicking on the reservation code, you can access its details. In this section you can find all the data collected by WooDoo on reservations.
Here below an example of reservation code.

The reservation detail page consists of several sections, some of them are by default and others are shown depending on the availability of specific services (Extras, credit card payment, OTA reservations).


In this section you will find the data related to the reservation, such as the identification number, status, the button to manually cancel the reservation, the time references, the occupancy, the amount and (if applied) price modifiers (such as discounts, etc.).

Finally, the origin of the reservation is also shown in case it comes from an OTA Channel.


Here is you can display the room assigned to the reservation and board.


Here you can find the personal data and contact details of the customer as well as any notes entered manually during the reservation process. The data can also be changed by clicking on the " blue pencil" button at the top right.

Documents and links

In this section you can find the links to generate documents to be sent to the customer.

The first link (Client Voucher) opens a voucher page that can be sent to the guest, with a summary of the reservation: property header, costs, dates and possible cancellation rules. It is also possible to re-send the voucher by clicking on "Resend Voucher".

The second link (Property Voucher) generates the page with a reservation summary, which is useful for storing your reservations data.

The third link (credit card confirmation) opens a page for direct payment by credit card. There is also a button for voucher download.

Other sections

Depending on the case, there are also other sections on the reservation details page:

  • Credit Cards
  • Extra and Reductions
  • OTA Toolbar

In the "Credit Card" section it is possible, (after entering a password) to access the credit card details of customer.

In "Extras and Reductions" are displayed all the extras, with the relative cost and also any reductions applied.

OTA Toolbar

In this section, there are several features related to OTA reservations.

In the example image above, the functions of WooDoo for the portal are displayed. There are 4 functions expressly designed for the well-known OTA portal.

  • Guest misconduct
  • Modification of the check-out date
  • No-show
  • Invalid Credit Card.

In the first case (Guest misconduct), it is possible to report to a possible misbehavior of the guest, indicating the type of problem among those suggested, and integrate it as a footnote (mandatory). It is also possible, through 2 selectors, to report to if they have to manage the "follow-up" of the incident and inhibit the possibility of future booking.

Also among the features related to, you can postpone the guest check-out by clicking on the blue "calendar" button. A confirmation pop-up will open, with the indications for the compilation as well as the change conditions, as shown in the image below.