YouBook - WooDoo

This is the tool that allows you to insert manual reservations into the system by updating dates, client details, room type and prices. It can be found on:

↳ Useful links: Auth Factory > WuBook/WooDoo > Reservations > YouBook

To enter a reservation, it takes 7 steps:

  • Dates selection (arrival and departure)
  • Room selection: You can also select unavailable rooms that are shown in red. Rooms with active restrictions are shown in yellow
  • Optional extras
  • Price: The system suggests the standard price, but you can customized the price
  • Cancellation Policy and reservation status (Confirmed or Awaiting confirmation): eventually you can manually enter your credit card details
  • Customer data (name, email, etc. ...)
  • Confirmation

! Attention! WooDoo does not automatically send the email with the voucher to the customer.

Once the booking process is completed, a screen will appear to access the reservation details immediately. It will also be possible to send the email with the reservation voucher to your customer.

Reservations entered with YouBook will appear (with a dedicated symbol) in the reservation list.

☞ Docs: Reservations - WooDoo

As for all WooDoo reservations, you cannot change the stay's dates and rooms. If you need to change them, you will have to remove the reservation and insert it again.

! ATTENTION ! If you are a long-time customer who still has the "commission profile", the reservations entered with YouBook will be included in your commission account.