Sytar: Update Prices and Restrictions on a date range - WooDoo

If you want to change your rooms' data (availability, prices, restrictions, no OTA) for several days and several rooms, we recommend the use of Sytar. This tool allows you to change each daily data on a time frame with a single click.

☞ Docs:Set Prices, Restrictions and Availability

To use Sytar, please visit the section below:

↳ Link : Auth Factory > WooDoo > Rates > Sytar

It is the alternative tool to Tabla (it handles exactly the same data), but Sytar allows extensive editing.

☞ Docs: Tabla - WooDoo

Using Sytar

When using Sytar, the following parameters must be indicated:

    • Parametes you want to change: It is necessary to indicate which daily value to update. For example: price, availability, no Ota, min.stay, etc.

      • Date Range: the dates you want to update
      • Restrictions Plan or Rate Plan: Sytar allows you to choose a rate or restrictions plan on which to intervene.
      • Rooms: you can select all rooms or only the one (s) you want the update to apply on. Sytar can work on one or even several rooms at the same time. It is therefore possible, for example, to assign the minimum stay of 3 nights during the high season and for all rooms with a single click. 
        Warning: If you do not want Sytar to modify the data of a room, remember to remove it from the Sytar update list.

          • Days of the Week: you can select the days of the week on which you want to apply a change

          • Type of modification: Sytar allows you to update the data as you like. You can define the new value and increase or decrease the current value with a percentage or a fixed value.

            Massive Update

            Sytar allows you to update several rooms with different values with just one click. You can then decide whether to set the same value on more than one room (for example, several rooms have the same price). You can also specify the respective value on each room.

            Of course, on rooms with an anchored parameter (DUS room with red triangle icon), it will not be possible to intervene, and it will be necessary to remove them before saving.

            ☞ Docs: Anchorage - Derived room prices


            From the Sytar section, you can consult the graph of the parameter you are changing so that you can have a glance at the values over a year. The following example refers to the sale parameter (i.e., open or close to sale).