Restrictions Plans

OTA booking portals often allow you to offer your rooms with different price lists with different booking conditions (or restrictions). For example, a seven-night stay rate offers a favorable price only for reservations with a minimum stay of 7 nights. If you had a hot deal rate with a very strong discount, you might want to close it in specific periods of the year while the standard rate must always remain open.

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The WooDoo channel manager allows you to map every single rate of the connected portal to a specific rate plan and a dedicated restriction plan.

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Channel Manager

Restrictions are limitations on bookable stays and are as follows:

  1. Min.stay: Only stays of at least [number] nights
  2. Min.stay arrival: Only stays of at least [number] of nights, (but only if it is configured on the day of arrival).
  3. Max stay: Only stays no longer than [number] nights.
  4. Closed: Close to sale
  5. Closed to arrival: Can not enter a reservation with check-in on that day.
  6. Closed to departure: Can not enter a reservation with check-out on that day.

Each restriction plan defines all the above restrictions, for each day, for each room.

Restrictions plans are created and managed on the following section:

↳ Link: WooDoo > Rates > Plans

Restrictions Plan Types

There are 2 types of restrictions plan: compact and daily.


You only have to define the restrictions once, they will apply to all rooms and every day. These plans are easy to create but they are not flexible at all.

They can be convenient for min stay rates, such as 3 nights or 7 nights, which always have the same restriction every day. They can also be convenient to close a rate that you are not using quickly. By creating a closed restriction plan and associating it with a rate, you can close this rate for each day and for each room.


You can manage your restrictions for each day and for each room. These plans allow you to define the restrictions you want to assign to a specific rate flexibly. They can be modified with Tabla and Sytar tools.

On Tabla, you can specify a rate plan and the restrictions plan on which you want to intervene. The Load button allows you to move to the selected plan.

When you work with Sytar on restrictions, you can specify the restrictions plan on which you want to apply modifications: