How to create a room - WooDoo

With the term ROOM, we mean a " room category," i. e. a category that groups together a set of accommodations with the same price and restrictions.

If two rooms (even only in specific periods of the year) have different prices or restrictions, they will be part of two categories.
You can enter a maximum number of room categories of 80. The availability is the number of accommodations of the same category available for sale (for example, 12 Double and 4 Suites).

Room = Category (group of) accommodations with identical prices/restrictions

To create a room category, please visit the section linked below:

↳ Link: Auth Factory > WuBook/WooDoo > Rates > Rooms

To create a room, you need the following data:

  • Name: Specify the type room category (for example, Double, Superior Double, Suite, Triple economy, etc..). You can define the name and description of the category for each language.
  • Shotname: It must contain a maximum of 4 characters: only a name summary for sections of the control panel where the full name would take up too much space. We recommend using codes that " resemble " the category's logic, such as Dbl for double, Sng for single, and Trp for triple.
  • Type: indicates the type of accommodation (apartment, room, bungalow, etc.). It appears in the online reception during the booking process.
☞ Docs: Online Reception- Wubook
  • Default Price: represents the standard price. It can be changed on a daily basis using the Tabla and Sytar tools.

☞ Docs: Tabla: Update Prices and Restrictions - WuBook

☞ Docs: Sytar - WuBook

  • Default availability: indicates the number of rooms belonging to this category.ou can modify it with the Tabla and Sytar tools. After the first configuration, Wubook will manage automatically. When you receive a reservation, the booked period's availability will be reduced, while the cancellation of a reservation automatically reopens the availability.
  • Guests: for example 2 for the double, 3 for the triple.
  • Board: is the standard treatment related to the category (B&B, Half board, etc..)
  • WooDoo only: If selected, the room will not be sold on the online reception desk but only on the channel manager's portals. It is not recommended, and you should use it in particular conditions.

☞ Docs: What is a Channel Manager?

Advanced options (optional)

After creating the room, you can also manage other parameters:

  • Min. Price/Max: These limits are a control tool: it is a safety measure to avoid human errors in price typing.
  • Room emails: allows you to add recipients to receive booking or cancellations notifications.

More Advanced Options:

  • Anchorage: prices and restrictions can be inherited from another room

☞ Docs: Anchorage: Pricing of Virtual Rooms

  • Room services: to show room amenities during the booking process

☞ Docs: Room Services

  • Boards: to add half board or full board

☞ Docs: Boards - Wubook

  • Presentation:  Multi-language name and description (if not entered, the main room name will be displayed.)

It is possible to associate with a room multiple images to show during the online reception booking process. To each room, you can associate one or more virtual rooms.

☞ Docs: Rooms Images

☞ Docs: Virtual Rooms - WuBook