ZaK app - Editing a reservation

Through the ZaK app, you can edit a reservation anytime, anywhere.

Simply find the reservation on the Planner and click on it to access the reservation details:

From the reservation detail, you can perform the following actions:

  • Add more rooms to the reservation by clicking on "Add room"
  • Remove the current room by dragging it to the right. A "Delete" button will appear:

  • Modify the room by clicking on it and choosing another one
  • Modify the occupancy of the room by clicking on the box with the number of guests
  • Modify the status of a reservation (confirmed, option, no-show, offer, cancelled), by dragging the upper part (the one where you see the dates) to the right

  • Enter any notes by clicking on the > NOTES section.

Finally, if you wish to mark guests as arrived/departed, you must click on the bottom section > MOVEMENTS.

☞ Docs: ZaK app - Movements: Guest Check-in and Check-out

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