ZaK app - Entering reservations with YouBook

With the ZaK app it is possible to enter reservations using YouBooK. Simply click on > YOUBOOK, choose a period and click on "Proceed":

At this point, the system will show you the remaining availability for each room category. Click on the + next to the category and choose a physical room. Repeat the process if you want to add more rooms.

If you make a mistake while adding a physical room, you can always remove it by clicking on the bin icon:

You will now see a summary of your chosen dates and rooms. By clicking on the rate box, you can select another rate, if necessary.
By clicking on the room box, you can choose one of the by-products you have set on ZaK.

Now you have to insert the guest's name. If the guest is already registered in your guest archive, you can make a search by name using the appropriate search bar (Search Customer).
If it is a new guest, you can click on the + icon:

Now, you can insert Check-in Hour, Reservation status and Board.

Just click on the > COMPLETE button to insert the reservation, which you will then find in your Planner.

Entering guest data

Once the reservation has been created, you can click on it at any time (e.g. from the Planner) to access the reservation detail and insert the guest's details. Click on the guest's name:

In this way you will access the customer registration card, where you can enter all the guest's data ("General"), ID documents ("IDS"), billing information ("Billing") and any notes ("Notes"):

By clicking on the yellow icon at the bottom right, you can also scan the guest document.

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