ZaK app - Movements: Guest Check-in and Check-out

In the section > MOVEMENTS, it is possible to display a list of arrivals, departures and guests in the property for a selected date.

Using the box at the top, you can then choose the date for which to display the data.

To mark the guest as arrived, simply drag and drop it from left to right. A "check-in" box will appear. Click on it to continue:

At this point the customer will remain in the arrival list, but will be marked with a green tick to indicate that he/she has already checked in.
If, on the other hand, the check mark is red, it means that the guest is still waiting to check-in:

Guests who have already checked-in, are also listed under the section > @Home. When the check-out date arrives, they will move to the section > DEPARTURES. Here, you can repeat the same procedure to mark guests as "checked-out."

Also from this section you can click at any time on the name of the guest to access his/her registration card, or on the rest of the box (e.g. on the dates) to access the reservation details.

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