ZaK app - Tabla

Also from the ZaK app you can edit price, restrictions and availability via Tabla. Simply click on the TABLA to open the calendar:

By clicking on the orange gear icon at the top left, you can choose which date/rate to display:

The main values you display in Tabla are price, availability, minimum stay, open/close and no OTA.

To display multiple values and possibly edit them, you must click on a box corresponding to a date/room. In this way a list with all the editable values will open, unless some derivation is set for that room/rate. In this case the derived value will not be editable.

As you have seen in the previous image, by clicking on the orange gear you will also find the tool "Sytar On Tabla", which allows you to edit values for longer periods (on the contrary, with Tabla you can edit values day by day, room by room).

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