ZaK app - Planner

Thanks to the Planner of the ZaK App, you can always have your property's situation under control!

Just click on the PLANNER section below to display a screen with all your reservations, as you can see int the image below:

By clicking on the orange calendar icon (top left), you can choose the starting date from which to display you reservation calendar.

From the Planner it is not possible to insert new reservations; for this operation it is necessary to use the appropriate > YOUBOOK section.

☞ Docs: ZaK app - Entering reservations with YouBook

Performing changes on the Planner

If you need to change a reservation room, from the Planner you can hold it down for a few seconds, and then tap the room/box where you want to move it:

The change of reservation dates, however, is not possible from the Planner. It is therefore necessary to click on the reservation to access its details.
Then, you can click on the reservation period to modify the dates. The system will request you to choose the new dates and save:

Also any other changes - such as changing the guest or cancelling the reservation - are not executable from the Planner. You must always click on the reservation, and then make any changes directly from the reservation detail.

☞ Docs: ZaK app - Editing a reservation

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@ Web: ZaK PMS by WuBook - Android