ZaK - Online Reception: Room Ordering

With this feature, you can set the order in which the results should be displayed in your Online Reception. For example, if you'd like your Double Room to appear before your Economy Room by default, then you need to set this here!

This function, although simple, is very important as it allows you to give more visibility to specific rooms and to carry out your preferred sales strategy!

The page can be reached via the following link:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Sales > Online Reception > Room Ordering

Just hold down the icon with the arrows (shown in the photo) with your mouse and drag, to order your categories as you wish.

The order, of course, can be defined for each room category and NOT for each individual physical room.

☞ Docs: Zak - Room Categories

In addition to room types you also find all your Super Products here, so you can have more flexibility. You can choose if Super Products should be shown before or after the individual rooms (those included in the super product).

☞ Docs: ZaK - Super Products

Once defined your order, you can test it by opening your Online Reception and you'll see that the first room shown will be the one you have chosen! Of course, this is possible only if that room type is available on the dates for which you're searching. If this is not the case, ZaK will automatically show the second type you have chosen, then the third and so on.