ZaK - Contents: images and descriptions of your rooms

ZaK provides you with a some tools to promote your property: in this section you can upload photos and descriptions of your property, your rooms, extras and rates. You can also set the services offered by your property and your rooms.

! The images and descriptions you enter here will be visible to your customers in the web page of your Online Reception, in the Image Gallery and during the reservation process !

You can reach the page by clicking on the link below:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Sales > Contents

First of all, you'll see an overview of how many photos and descriptions you've already entered. The last box shows how many amenities you set for your property and rooms (in the example, I set the amenities for 3 out of 5 rooms).


Here you have a page divided into 6 sub-sections. You can also filter if you already know which one you want to work on. In addition, thanks to the MULTIPLE UPLOAD function, you can upload images for several rooms at the same time.

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Sales > Contents > Images

By clicking on the arrow next to each section, you can add new photos or check already uploaded ones. It's easy to sort your photos: just hold them down with your mouse and drag them! If you click on the pencil next to each photo, you can either copy the photo or move it to another section:

Here are the requirements to uploading images:

  • maximum size of each photo: 8 MB
  • accepted formats: jpg , jpeg, png
  • maximum height of photo: 1920 px
  • maximum width of photo: 1920 px
  • maximum 10 photos can be uploaded at the same time


Welcome your Online Reception customers with a description of what you do and what you offer!

Here you have a page divided into 7 sub-sections and you can also add filters. By clicking on the arrow next to each section, you can check the descriptions you already have in all the languages. By clicking on the + symbol you can enter new descriptions:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Sales > Contents > Descriptions

At the top, you can choose what you are describing, e.g. your Double Room (picture above). In the box indicated by the arrow, you can choose the language of the description. Please note that there is no upper limit, so you can enter your text in as many languages as you like!

These descriptions accompany the images that your guests will see in your Online Reception during the booking process.


This section allows you to tell the customer which services your property and rooms offer, by choosing them from a predefined list. Here you can filter services by room, but also by popularity or by area (e.g. services related to the Kitchen):

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Sales > Online > Contents > Amenities

Once uploaded your descriptions, images and amenities, you can customize all the other sections required to configure your Online Reception, using the following documentation:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Booking Engine